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Independent Agents

Helping you to S T R E T C H your clients' healthcare dollars

Heritage Consulting Group has been proudly serving the Northeast Ohio and beyond since 2004. We’ve gradually expanded our reach and services, offering unique products to independent agents, and give them the tools they need so they are in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.  Our agents are never captive, are paid directly by the carriers and keep all renewals they earn! 

Everyone’s healthcare needs are unique.  Our consultative approach to creating a medical cost containment program for your clients ensures that you can prepare them for today...and tomorrow.   You are welcome to pick and choose from the products we offer, as you are never captive!  Our plans pay healthy renewals too.


Our independent agents look for time-tested products and services that allow them to stand out from the crowd.  One common attribute we look for in every agent is the desire to do what is BEST for their clients.


Let us know how we can help YOU!


Healthcare Plans

Expand your options beyond traditional ACA plans

Now more than ever, individuals and families are feeling the pinch of healthcare costs.  High deductible, high premium plans leave individuals feeling as if they have no coverage at all!  A family could easily spend $40,000 every year before insurance pays...but not with our options. 

Medical cost share or short-term health insurance may be a solution for you!  Learn how you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, while still having the quality of care you deserve.

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The Ultimate Medical Benefit Savings Account

Available to EVERYONE! Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

You can now tell your clients "Regardless of what kind of primary healthcare you NEED this account!"

Your clients will receive up to $2 in medical benefits or more for every $1 contributed into your account balance.  As the program progresses, it will allow your clients to raise their health insurance deductibles and lower their monthly premiums over time. This patent-approved account is designed to cover out-of-pocket medical cost obligations up to the higher deductibles.  It also allows your clients to pay for items not covered on their medical plan and only pay 50¢ for every $1 in medical expenses.

  • Available to everyone, regardless of age or insurance plan

  • Covers pre-existing conditions

  • Guaranteed Issue – NO underwriting questions

  • 11 Different plans to meet your budget and your needs

  • Guaranteed $2 for $1 monthly account crediting over time

  • Use for out-of-pocket expenses

  • Takes 5 minutes to enroll

  • Includes $0 co-pay telemedicine benefits at NO additional cost to help you save even more


Supplemental Plans

Do you have a plan for unexpected Medical Events?

Many times the unexpected injury, hospital stay or illness creates undue financial hardship. 


Your primary healthcare plan has deductibles, co-pays and more that cost you money.  It may mean putting bills on expensive credit cards or taking withdrawals from your hard-earned savings.

Furthermore, an extended illness costs much more than just the actual hospital bills.

Our custom-tailored supplemental insurance policies are built for these unexpected events and can leave you with peace-of-mind.

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Prescription Plans

Revolutionizing Drug and Diabetes Delivery and Pricing

Rx101 Powered By America’s Pharmacy Source is a revolutionary home delivery pharmacy service. We are focused on helping families, with a mission to provide affordable prescriptions shipped right to your door.


Available for you to sell on a group or on an individual basis.  Regardless of the client, you will receive level, ongoing commissions.  You will have your own website.  Clients receive their own member portal with support staff at their disposal.

We provide:

  • $5 medications available at your pharmacy for acute needs.

  • 90-day supplies of chronic medications for $15, $20, $30 and $45, depending on the medication

  • Savings on other over-the-counter medications

  • A diabetes program with free starting kit (glucometer, testing strips, lancets, solution), low cost testing strip refills, FREE medication (see details for exact medications eligible)

  • Short-acting, NPH and Combo 70/30 insulin for only $19.95/vial


All of our products and prescriptions are approved by the FDA and sourced in the United States. From acute to chronic needs, and over-the-counter options, our medications are some of the most cost effective in the industry

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Dental Plans

A Better Way to Save on Dental Care

1Dental Plan Highlights
1Dental Agent Highlights

We know the care is so crucial for our well-being, but it is very expensive.  It is often the last thing we spend out money on until a toothache gives us no choice.


We know the other problem...purchasing dental insurance just doesn't make financial sense.  "Free cleanings" that aren't really free, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, waiting periods keep increasing, but limits on services are actually going down.

The solution?  Access to discounted services each and every time you visit the dentist.  

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