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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Tailored Plans Without Insurance Constraints

Dependable Dynamic Delivery:  Your Prescription for Healthcare Savings

What We Do

We revolutionize healthcare by empowering those who pay for healthcare and those who use healthcare to be savvy healthcare consumers.


  • For the Healthcare Consumer:  Our tailored programs optimize benefits, accessibility and ease of use. 

  • For the Employer:  Our programs contain costs through a delivery system that may divert dollars away from your healthspend, ensure a positive ROI, and help attract and retain employees 

  • For Groups and Associations:  We will make you competitive in the marketplace through the use of innovative programs

  • For Schools Systems:  Our non-budgetary Mental Health programs mean your students, staff, faculty and their families get the help they need with NO cash outlay.

We do this with a variety of innovative delivery systems, often in a way that overlays your existing framework, avoiding disruption to your current relationships, employees and providers. 

Self-insured Employers

How to cut healthcare costs while maintaining employee satisfaction


In order to combat the ever-rising cost of healthcare, the self-insured employers need to drive transparency and efficiency, but are faced with opacity in pricing and delivery.​

We don't change your healthcare, but offer tools that change delivery of the most often used services in an affordable and accessible way for you and your employees, and reduce healthcare spend in the process.  We help you create a more sustainable plan for years to come.

We help you attract and keep valued employees, increase productivity and profitability, lower expenses and surpass your competition.


Groups, Organizations & Associations

Heritage Consulting Group helps you offer more options to those you serve


We create programs for groups and membership-based organizations to meet your specific needs. We can help you attract and retain members, offer services to fill gaps in your program, create income streams to your organization, help defray costs and more.  Some of our more popular programs include these non-insurance plans:

  • International prescription mail order

  • Discount prescription cards

  • Free generic programs

  • Mental Health programs

  • A direct-pay marketplace for PCPs, specialists, imaging, labs and more


School Systems

The Most Comprehensive K-12 Virtual Mental Health Program Available


As schools consider their options for providing students with truly effective mental health resources, it’s crucial to select partners and programs that bridge the gaps between the student’s problem, the opportunity to deliver care and the ideal personalized solution.

We have partnered with the leader in K-12 Mental Health programs.  Many schools struggle with funding, yet our unique program is non-budgetary.  And students aren't the only ones suffering...faculty, staff and the families of all involved bear the weight of Mental Health issues.


Brokers, Agents, TPAs, PBMs

Heritage Consulting Group helps you stay competitive in today's crowded marketplace


All of our programs have one thing in common:  They are part of a Blue Ocean Strategy which helps you stay one step ahead of your competition.  We provide a unique array of services built for the future of healthcare, giving your clients the tools they need to become better medical consumers for their businesses, organizations and those they serve.

We work with fee-based and commissioned models.  In all cases, transparency in the flow of funds is a priority.  We believe in building long-term relationships based on quality of services and mutual trust in the organizations and agents/brokers we work with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower my clients with greater choice and control over their healthcare choices and their healthcare dollars and to create a collaborative and symbiotic environment where businesses in similar industries can work alongside each other to reach a common goal of helping each other and the client base we serve.

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