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Medical Cost Sharing

I Create Personalized Plans to Meet Your Needs

Everyone’s healthcare needs are unique.  Our consultative approach to creating a medical cost containment program for your family ensures that we prepare you for today...and tomorrow. 

Our most economical plan:  Care +

Care + Pricing.png

Our more robust plan:  Secure

Secure Pricing.png

Short-term Health Insurance

You don't always need a long-term solution to a short-term need

Short Term Medical gives you the flexibility to get the coverage you want, for the time that best suits you. Get access to benefits and options that provide protection for the costs associated with everyday health care and the unexpected, such as:


• Doctor visits and preventive care

• Emergency room and hospital stays

• Pharmacy benefits and discount options.


Together with network providers like Aetna® , and through partners like LIFE Association, our Short Term Medical plans can save you more on your health care; and help you keep your wallet, coverage, and wellness going strong.

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ACA Plans

Affordable Care Act plans in Ohio

For some individuals, ACA plans are what the doctor ordered!

ACA plans are only available during open enrollment and when a person has a special circumstance that allows them to enter the marketplace outside of the open enrollment period.

Ohio has a special open enrollment period starting Feb. 15, 2021.

Stuart can help take the confusion and frustration out of finding the perfect plan for you.  He can also help you navigate COBRA.

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