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Independent Agents

Next Level Products for New Markets


Heritage Consulting Group Independent Agents have an array of quality products to broaden the offerings for their existing clientbase and to expand into new markets.  The products and services presented on our home pages are available for agents and agencies to offer to clients.

Virtual Mental Health Care

Rx4MentalHealth offers virtual, accessible, affordable counseling with Psychologists, Therapists and Psychiatrists.

Choose a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist who understands and fits your needs.  Schedule visits 7 days a week from wherever you are comfortable.  Available to individuals and employers.  


Savings Programs for Medical Costs

Qualified medical savings plans are NOT the only type of plans available to individuals.  Our non-qualified (after-tax) plan allows a means of saving for medical costs, such as co-pays, deductibles, dental, vision, elective surgeries and other procedures not covered by insurance or healthsharing.  The plan is available to all individuals, regardless of the type of underlying medical plan in place.  Medical benefits grow every month when not used and compound in value.  Balances are on an easy-to-use pre-paid debit card.  There is even a plan to help you save for your pets’ healthcare expenses. 



Rx101 is a concierge-based program that builds upon a 75,000 pharmacy discount card, and includes US-based mail order, International mail order, prescription assistance, and discount labs.  Other discount plans like GoodRx tout savings, but ours is just as good, but with personalized service and we DO NOT sell personal data!!


This is the perfect card to share with high-deductible health clients, Medicare Part D enrollees and anyone that needs to save money on their prescriptions.  Agents can request cards to distribute.

Fee-For-Service Dental Plans

Dental health is the gateway to physical well-being, yet dental insurance is rarely a good deal, unless someone else is paying the premiums!  One of our favorite tools for lowering the cost of dental cleanings and procedures is a low-cost plan.  It has no deductibles, no limits, no waiting periods and can be used for orthodontia and elective procedures.  Click here for more information on selling this plan.

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