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Heritage Consulting Group Independent Agents have an array of quality products to broaden the offerings for their existing clientbase and to expand into new markets.  The products and services presented on our home pages are available for agents and agencies to offer to clients.

Virtual Primary and Mental Health Care

With decades of experience in healthcare, Virtual Primary Care creates an approach that places you at the top of your own healthcare. VPC services help your clients achieve three goals: Improve Their Health, Control Their Care, and Save Their Money. Virtual Primary Care may be combined with Medical Cost Sharing or Healthsharing, and equips patients with an easier, healthier healthcare experience at a lower cost.    


Medical Cost Sharing

Medical Cost Sharing and Healthsharing Ministries are non-insurance programs where members agree to share in each other’s medical costs.  The member is truly a self-pay patient.  Programs vary based on faith and other attributes and availability varies by state.


Savings Programs for Medical Costs

Qualified medical savings plans are NOT the only type of plans available to individuals.  Our non-qualified (after-tax) plan allows a means of saving for medical costs, such as co-pays, deductibles, dental, vision, elective surgeries and other procedures not covered by insurance or healthsharing.  The plan is available to all individuals, regardless of the type of underlying medical plan in place.  Medical benefits grow every month when not used and compound in value.  Balances are on an easy-to-use pre-paid debit card.  There is even a plan to help you save for your pets’ healthcare expenses. 



Rx101 is a membership-based mail order drug program with USA-sourced prescriptions and an Ohio-based institutional (non-retail) pharmacy.  Plans are available for groups and individuals, and include:

  • The top 83 utilized acute medications at a retail pharmacy for only $5

  • The top 90% chronic medications for $15, $30 or $45 for a 90-day supply with no shipping fees

  • A diabetic program with 14 oral medications for diabetes at no cost, free glucometer and tremendous savings on testing strips.  Soon, low-cost injectable insulin will also be available.

  • On-staff pharmacists who can help assist you and your physician with alternatives to highly priced medications

  • Additional savings on OTC medications


Ancillary Insurance Benefits

Many people want to save money by selecting high deductible plans yet find themselves in a pinch when having to pay a large medical bill.  Accident plans, Hospital plans and Critical Illness plans can help put your clients at ease.  These easy-to-understand benefits will give your clients peace of mind.


Picking a carrier to fill your needs and those of your clients just got easier.  Heritage represents groundbreakers and catalysts who are constantly seeking new ways of doing things. They are developing cutting-edge products for the individual market and using technology to make the insurance buying experience easier for your clients, and insurance selling and servicing easier for you. Not only are we inspiring change in the insurance industry, we are also an inspiring place to work.

As an independent agent, you will get paid directly from the carriers.  Some of our programs are eligible for agency contracts allowing you to build a sales team.

Fee-For-Service Dental Plans

Dental health is the gateway to physical well-being, yet dental insurance is rarely a good deal, unless someone else is paying the premiums!  One of our favorite tools for lowering the cost of dental cleanings and procedures is a low-cost plan.  It has no deductibles, no limits, no waiting periods and can be used for orthodontia and elective procedures.  Click here for more information on selling this plan.

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