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The Ultimate Medical Benefit Savings Account

Available to EVERYONE! Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

Receive up to $2 in medical benefits or more for every $1 contributed into your account balance.  As the program progresses, it will allow you to raise your health insurance deductibles and lower your monthly premiums over time. This patent-approved account is designed to cover your out-of-pocket, medical cost obligations up to the higher deductibles.  It also allows you to pay for items not covered on your medical plan but pay 50¢ for every $1 in medical expenses.

  • Available to everyone, regardless of age or insurance plan

  • Covers pre-existing conditions

  • Guaranteed Issue – NO underwriting questions

  • 11 Different plans to meet your budget and your needs

  • Guaranteed $2 for $1 monthly account crediting over time

  • Use for out-of-pocket expenses

  • Takes 5 minutes to enroll

  • Includes $0 co-pay telemedicine benefits at NO additional cost to help you save even more

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