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Help Attract and Keep Your Valued Members

Offer Benefits to Fill the Gaps in Coverage and Offer Tremendous Savings

If you're an Association, a Chamber of Commerce, a Healthsharing or some other organization that wants to provide value to your members, we have the tools and services to help you succeed. 

International Prescription Mail Order

Save up to 80% on the cost of your brand name meds

Many Americans are not taking their medications as prescribed due to the expense of brand name prescription medications.  Yet these newer class of drugs often offer the relief from symptoms that individuals crave.

Help has arrived!


An International Medication Mail Order program is a way for individuals to purchase medications legally, safely and cost-effectively from around the world at a fraction of the price they would be
charged at a U.S. Retail Pharmacy.

Mental Health

The cost of impaired Mental Health in the workplace is Staggering

12 Billion work days lost every year...$1 Billion dollars of lost productivity...62% of employees leave due to mental health issues.  What is your company's cost of not addressing Mental Health?

Offering affordable, accessible and anonymous health care is now available to large and small employers.  Offering this outside of little-used EAPs and expensive healthcare gives Employers the opportunity to reach the "silent sufferers", help the bottom line and even save lives.

Labs, Tests, Scans, Blood tests and more...

Redirecting where your employees go for these items can provide tremendous savings


One of the MOST expensive places to get labs, tests, scans and other imaging is in a hospital setting.  Most people don't find this out until they get their bill, which could be a month or more after they received the service.

Now it is possible to know what you will pay and even shop for pricing!

There is a way to guide your members to the places where they can save the most, yet still have the quality of care they expect.  The patient's physician may participate in the findings of all testing, just as before.

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